About Us


Polar management (K)limited is a local and foreign recruitment agency registered under the Kenyan company act and regulated by the Kenyan labour laws.Internationall, we help outsource quality manpower (talented,qualified and enthuasiastic manpower) from various sectors ranging from general workers to teachers,nurses and medical practitioners.The expertise and experience of our HR has enable us to be ahead of our competitors by delivering the right candidates who are capable of propelling any organization to the next level and are compatible with the organisation's culture,We strive to deliver yhe best of the best of the vast untapped Kenyan labour market.We try as much as posssible to fullfil the dreams of our candidates by by acting as a liason between tthem and their employer in the dream destination from Europe,United states to the Middle east.


Locally,we help construction and manufacturng firms by outsorcing qualified,trained and certified unskilled and semi-skilled manpower at an affordable cost,thus relieving them of the cost associated with hiring,maintaining,supervision/management of thee manpower.This enables this firms to concentrate on their key competency and work towards maximum customer satisfaction and  acquisition of more contracts.Management stress is reduced by 75% as they are left with the little burden of managing professional manpower which forms a lesser composition of these firms,professional manpower is easy to manage as compared to the the unskilled and semi-skilled.Over the past years most firms have concentrated in providing refresher and self-development courses to skilled manpower ignoring the unskilled and semi-skilled manpower which constitutes a biggger proportion of these firms,these have led to poorly executed projects due to underutilzed skills and the feelimg of low esteem among these workers,we as Polar management will offer these  courses plus a certificate of particepation which is equally important.



With our professionalstaff who arte commited to exellence,integrity,both client and candidate and also  readibly adaptable to the dynamic change in hiring and consultancy methods,we aim to be the most preffered manpower recruittment and management agency in Kenya and beyond.



We strive to maintain long-term relationship with both our clients and candidates by ensuring satisfaction beyond expectation and taking responsibility of oue flaws and taking immediate correction measures.



Values are belief within which a company is anchored,as a company we have values embraced by our stuff and team,our weakness trying to be perfectionist,by trying to deliver exactly what we promised our clients.These sums up to the following core values;

Depandability;Integrity being one of the impotant aspect in our vision statement,we strive to anchor to it to the necessary trust and mutual relationship between us and our candidates and equally with our clients,our reliability can never be in question.We offer our candidates exactly what they applied for and equally our clients their desired candidates.We strive to give our candidates value for their trust and clients value for their money.

Proficiency;We are commited to exellence,quality manpower and ensures beyond reasonable doubt that our clients are suitable for the job description.